Pre-Departure and Arrival Information:

All students need to make sure with the following Pre-Departure and Arrival information before they are leaving the home. If any point of time, the student needs any information, please contact the college immediately.

Pre departure information:

  • Double check that you have submitted the International Student Acceptance Agreement Form to the college with payment of the Tuition fee and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) fee.
  • Organise an International Driver´s Licence, if you are planning to drive in Australia
  • Find out the work requirements and opportunities if you are intending to work in Australia. And beware of visa restrictions and tax liabilities.
  • Book and confirm flights to Melbourne to arrive in time for the Orientation Program.
  • Make sure that you receive confirmation of your Accommodation, otherwise research on finding some suitable accommodation.
  • Research on opening an international AUD bank account from your country which can be accessible in Australia. Try to deposit some funds into it, or manage to get a credit card.
  • Enquire about schooling or childcare for your children if they are travelling with you.
  • Organise and finalise all travel arrangements.
  • Leave copies of your passport, student visa and Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) and other necessary documents with your family
  • Take one copy of all your documents plus your original passport,
  • Student visa, offer letter and eCoE
  • Check Australian Customs and Quarantine regulations
  • Pack all items separately that need to be declared upon your arrival at Melbourne Airport.
  • Don´t forget to get the prescription for your medication and check that is available in Australia and if you can bring it into the country.
  • Bring some Australian currency (A$1000-A$2000) with you for your first few days, but it is not advisable to carry a large amount of cash. Keep about $20 in coins for emergency phone calls.

Arrival information:

  • If you have arranged an airport pickup, meet the person at the designated area.
  • Its good idea to inform all your parents, relatives and friends and let them know that you reached safely.
  • Open a bank account and deposit traveller´s cheque or bank drafts in your account.
  • If you haven´t planned a permanent accommodation then start looking for it.
  • Shop for immediate food requirements.
  • Start using public transport and be familiar with the route maps
  • Once you have confirmed your address of where you will be living in Melbourne, inform the college and ask them to update your address details.
  • Collect your OSHC card from your college.
  • Get to know the local area and explore Melbourne.
  • Attend the Orientation program.