Finance Manager

Job Description

Perform work, including but not limited to performing work of a diverse character; serving as a bookkeeper; purchasing materials and equipment; conducting invoice activities; paying vendors for delivered materials; providing inventory support; and performing clerical/ administrative functions.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Financial Duties

Responsible for financial record keeping and reporting required by law and for RTO and ESOS compliance in accordance with College procedures and policies

  • Ensure that the RTO has financial management policies in place and that it complies with these policies;

  • Monitor and report on compliance with its financial management policies and procedures, for review and as a basis for improvement;

  • When requested, provide the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority with a formal assurance that the RTO has sound financial management standards for matters related to the RTO scope of registration and scale of operations.

  • If requested by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority obtain, and make available, a full audit report from a qualified independent accountant

  • Maintain accounting records of debtors, creditors, assets and liabilities.

  • Maintain insurance cover including public liability, fire, theft, contents and professional indemnity if required.

  • At the end of each financial year ensure that the accounts are prepared by a qualified accountant to indicate the financial performance and financial position of the RTO.

  • At the end of each financial year ensure that tax returns are prepared and lodged by a qualified accountant by the required date.

  • Invoice fees in accordance with the fee payment schedule for each student

  • Record fees paid and refunds given in the RTO accounting system so that each student’s financial status is known

  • Pay refunds in accordance with the refund agreement signed by the student and maintained in the student file

  • Maintain membership of the Overseas Tuition Scheme for international students and the ESOS Assurance Fund

General Work Tasks/Responsibilities:

  • Perform work of a diverse character. Conduct bookkeeping, purchasing, accounting, inventory control, and clerical/administrative functions.

  • Serve as a bookkeeper. Assist with budget preparations; handle accounts; make bank deposits; maintain ledgers; pay bills; prepare financial statements and reports including the profit and loss statement and balance sheet; receipt money; reconcile bank account; set up cash box for events; distribute money within the departments; collect funds; assist travellers in balancing their bookkeeping ledger and receipt books ; assure expenditures are in accordance with code balances for item acquisition; keep the supervisor informed as to the balances of internal accounts; and prepare payroll.

  • Purchase bookkeeping supplies, materials and equipment for departments. Receive requests for materials and equipment; prepare purchase orders for items in accordance with procedures; transmit purchase orders directly to vendors for purchases; transmit the purchase order to the central office if local, state, or federal money is being used; query vendors concerning item delivery; inspect received items; follow up to correct delivery glitches; handle the purchase order paperwork to be accomplished after item receipt and deliver item(s) to requestors.

Relationships and roles

1. External:

  • Attend relevant Public discussions so as to understand and comply with all State, Detention Centre and Education Centre Acts, regulations and rules as required in the position.

  • To maintain continuity of direction and focus in Admin operations through the maintenance of the Strategic Plan, Policy & Procedures Manual, Administration Operations Manual &Administration Action Plan.

  • Provide Administrative and Operational Support to Coordinators and Managers for Einstein Operations and Services.

2. Internal:

  • To develop and implement Action Plans, with the Admin Staff, that will achieve the planned performance targets in line with the long-term development plans;

  • Act as a member of the Welfare Team and as the central College repository of data concerning welfare interventions and disciplinary action, disseminating appropriate data to the appropriate personnel.

  • To provide Human Resource Services to all staff, including Award & Industrial Relations matters.

Selection Criteria:

Preferred finance qualifications:

1. The Finance person will have suitable experience and / or qualifications in accounting or bookkeeping in a school or college.

2. Professional development must be available to enable maintenance and development of the currency of their qualifications and experience.